We Shrunk Hello Neighbor In Real Life!

We Shrunk Hello Neighbor In Real Life!
We found a note outside of Hello Neighbors house that showed the Neighbor is up to something and it doesn’t look good. So we grabbed the rest of our family and headed to Urban Air to try and find some power cubes and some type of device that’s shaped like a cylinder. We have to find them before the Neighbor does so he can’t complete whatever it is that he’s planning! Once we found some power cubes and the device we decided to open it on the Neighbors porch just in case something unexpected happened. Then the Neighbor caught us and Shawn accidently shrunk Hello Neighbor! Should we leave him miniature size? Being miniature size would be fun for a little while.

Thanks Urban Air in Dallas-Fort Worth for allowing us to film.

Check out our awesome cousins, THAT YOUTUB3 FAMILY, Escape Granny And Hello Neighbors House video https://youtu.be/lVTcQV1LyI0

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