Corn on the Cob But Instead of the Corn Bone It’s A Hotdog

I’m Sorry.

Here’s Jason’s Twitch stream if you’re ever looking for him (just please I ask that you don’t spam, just go say hi and be nice if you’re going to go, that would be really great)

The Corn Dog recipe I used (with vegan/gf substitutes, actually turned out fantastic, highly recommend if you’re trying to get your corn dog on lol)

Also because I saw a lot of you laughing about the Sasquatch clip in the comments, here is the video that Jason’s mod Scarfee put together of the very first time Jason Sasquatched. This was (I believe) in 2017 when PUBG first came out so this was a pretty wild concept to most of us. He then later went on to SasquatchTM in many twitch rivals tournaments and Squatchran at Shroud butt naked with his red hair out and it was just 10/10. He has also been known to turn on area chat, naked and in a bush, and just say…. “dad?” several times. Jason is a legend.

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